You are Hiro, a human male ranger in Belhor, a town in the kingdom of Agadori. Your father was considered the best hunter on the land,and he taught you everything he could. Now you are a skilled hunter and tracker of the forest, You decided to learn fire enchantments and created your own rifle prototype. One day while you were tracking a deer for food you came across a strange sight in the forest.
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Yuuki was a typical Japanese born saleryman, he was killed then reincarnated into another world. That world is very different from Earth as Yuuki soon found out. This is the story of his hardships, and how he found his place to belong.
isekai another world demons fantasy
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You are the King of Serbia. You are eager to expand and are allies with Russia. You also hate Austria. You have a plan to take over Bosnia.
wwi ww1 king serbia ai
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Your have to change schools again after an incident with your powers. People got hurt, you still haven't let that sink in, and you don't want to. Your life wasn't perfect before, but now it's spiralling far out of your control.
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